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Red stag hunting in free range
Includes 5 hunting days + red stag trophy + wild boar trophy $ 3,990. Ask for not included expenses.
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Argentina offers different species of big game, native and exotic; their hunt depends on the hunting area where they are available and the hunting season fixed by the wild life authorities.
We use stalking or chasing hunting modalities either according to the species willing to be hunted.
Big game hunting can be done in different environments like the plains of Buenos Aires province, the scrublands of La Pampa, the mountains of Patagonia country or the thicket of the North of the country.
Regarding the trophies´ measurement systems, the most common are the ones applied by the SCI and the CIC.

Big game species available in Argentina
• Red stag
• Axis deer
• Fallow deer
• Russian boar
• Puma
• Feral goat
• Water buffalo
• Multihorn ram
• Scottish blackface ram
• Somalia ram
• Collared peccary
• White lipped peccary
• European Mouflon
• Pere David´s deer

• Alpine ibex
• Dorset ram
• Brown brocket deer
• Capybara
• Texas Dall ram
• Cameroon ram
• Himalayan tahr
• Blackbuck

Hunting Season
Given that Argentina is a republic, each of the provinces has prerogatives to apply their own rules and regulations regarding hunting and fishing and to fix different tariffs of their own licenses.
Even that the exact starting and finishing dates of the hunting seasons change according to each region, in general terms big game hunting can be done almost through out the year except red stag and fallow deer which shed the antlers around August. We suggest asking us specifically about hunting seasons´ information according to the hunting destination or the species willing to be hunted.
Next, we detail the services included and those which are not:

• Personalized outfitter services
• English translation services
• Tour Wheel drive vehicles
• Skinning and first trophy preparation.
• First class accommodations
• All daily meals and quality Argentinean wines
• Non alcoholic drinks
• Maid service and laundry
• Land transportation in hunting area
• The price of each hunted trophy
• Air transport tariffs and taxes of any kind
• Insurance of any kind
• Packing expenses and trophy sending to the place of origin
• Taxidermy expenses
• Import permits and trophy tariffs required by the country of origin
• Alcoholic drinks
• International phone calls or faxes
• Excursions or touring trips to any region of the country
• Land transportation from BA to the hunting area
• Firearms´ introduction fee at customs or gun rentals, as well as the ammunition used during the hunt
• Local hunting permits
• Formalities required for the export of trophies hunted in Argentina
• Medical services of any kind
• Non-Spanish-speaking guide services
• Tips

Argentina Hunting always provide very comfortable accommodations to its guests. We count with a wide variety of lodges for all different requirements which insures the high standards of the company. From very exclusive and elegant lodges to less expensive options for those who have a limited budget. Despite the different level of lodges, we normally provide all the services necessary to insure a comfortable stay of our guests no matter the quality of lodging that they are paying for. In that sense, we usually provide lodging with Wi-Fi Internet, phone service, satellite TV and so on. A comfortable and clean bedroom with private bathroom is our bottom line. Most of our lodges have an airstrip in the property or nearby. For further information about lodging visit our website

The Food:
Argentina Hunting always provide excellent food. We use to work with international chefs who are in charge to delight our guests with their gourmet cuisine. They put on the table of our guests a great variety of exquisite meals based in game meat (deer, wild boar and so on) and the world famous Argentinean beef. The guests will also enjoy our traditional Argentinean dishes, specially the “asado” (barbecue) which consist in beef cooked over the embers or firewood. Given that Argentina is one of the main wine producers in the world and the quality of its´ products is known beyond its borders, the hunters will have the opportunity to try the best wines of the region.
Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner are always served to our clients who will enjoy all the time the high quality services of our chefs.

Non hunters’ activities:
We organize many activities for hunters’ companions. They change according to the hunting area but we do horseback riding, trekking, rafting, ATV rides, photographic safaris, sightseen trips, golf, tennis, visits to museums, National parks, shopping around the city and so on among many other.

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